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Laurel Rae Salmon is a Los Angeles based certified health coach, holistic nutrition consultant, and overall wellness expert.  Her lifelong passion for helping others led to the creation of LRS Wellness, an integrative and uniquely designed program that targets clients’ individual needs and assesses their health goals from a whole body approach.  Specializing in weight loss, stress management, and nutrition education, Laurel’s philosophy is that optimal health should be simple, fun, and achievable for everyone.  Her ability to connect with and inspire others allows Laurel to create customized programs for her clients that set them up for lifelong success."


1)    What inspired your path of wellness?


My path of wellness has been inspired by a variety of things, but my earliest memories trace back to when I was about 13 years old. My grandfather, who was the epitome of health up until that point, got sick and had to undergo quadruple bypass surgery, had many health complications and a stroke. Which ultimately resulted in his passing two years later. I realized through this experience that you can have everything in the world, but if you don’t have your health first and foremost, you really don’t have anything at all. 


 A few years later my interest in holist health peaked when I was facing a number of health complications having to do with my stomach. I went to countless doctors and no one could tell what was wrong with me. I felt hopeless and finally decided to try a holistic nutritionist. She treated me using Chinese herbs, acupuncture and alternative medicine. We were able to get to the root of my illness which was from stress. I was holding onto this energy in my gut and therefore my stomach wasn’t functioning properly causing digest issues. Once I incorporated this new information she taught me and let go of my unhealthy relationships, I found peace in my life (and in my gut!)  I found so much happiness and relief that I knew this was something I wanted to learn about more and purse further. She completely changed my diet and all of the knowledge I had up until that point surrounding whole body wellness. 


Fast forward a few years later and I was at what I thought was at my peak health and wellness; little did I know I was running myself into the ground.  I found myself with a freak neck infection that landed me in the hospital for a week.  Never having even had so much as a trip to the ER before, I was shocked to my core. I knew that I was being put in this situation and that the universe was trying to tell me something.  The one thing about being in the hospital is that you have all the time in the world to sit around and think about things, and I promised myself that once I made it out, I would turn my life around.  Sure enough, I did make it out and shortly after enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to turn my passion for health and wellness into a career.  And of course the rest, they say, is history!


2) Do you have a specialty?

I would say that my specialty is connecting with people.  I’m SUCH a people person and I love to have the energy of others around me.  That being said, I feel I have a unique way of understanding people and thus being able to cater to their individual wants and needs. 


3)    What’s your morning routine?  Anything you do religiously before the day gets away from you?

I wish I could say that I spend 5 (or 20) minutes meditating each morning, but the truth is I’m up at 6am every day for work and have to be out the door pretty quickly, so I try to just take each day as it comes.  I always ALWAYS start the day though by drinking a giant glass of water to flush out toxins and make me feel awake and refreshed.  Typically I try to take a few moments to myself to either watch the sunrise or do some sort of deep breathing or mindfulness exercises – just thoughts of gratitude.


4) Best advice you’ve ever received?

Just to trust myself.  Life can get so chaotic sometimes, you forget to just breathe and remember that everything will be okay.  Trusting yourself and your abilities, and that the universe has a plan for you, is all in your perception. My favorite quote that always sticks with me is “there’s always a piece of gold in the pile of sh*t,” which comes from my mom, who’s dad used to always say it to her. Even if things may seem really tough, you can always find something good to take away from it.


5) Go-to breakfast?

A green smoothie, hands down.  I like it to have a good balance of greens, protein, superfoods, healthy fats, and just a little bit of fruit. I also love to throw some fresh squeezed lemon juice in for a little kick and to aid in digestion and detoxification.  I make it pretty much every day without fail and it gives me the burst of energy and endurance that I need to carry me throughout the day while also tasting great.


6) What workouts do you love and practice? 

This is my bread and butter!  There is literally nothing I don’t do or won’t try – I am a FIEND for working out, and I love switching it up.  I do everything from boxing to yoga and pilates, to strength training and HIIT/bootcamp classes to working with a personal trainer – you name it, I probably do it.  I also love getting outdoors and going hiking or on a long beach bike ride or to the Santa Monica stairs.  It’s important for me to have variety so that I don’t get bored; not only does it make things more exciting, but it also targets different muscle groups so you can work on different areas of your body.  I instantly feel better after a workout and try to do at least one thing a day to get my body moving (if not sweating!)  I think that diet and exercise go hand in hand, and the energy you put into your body (food) is just as important as the energy you put out. 


7) What’s your favorite item in your pantry?

Coconut oil.  I use it for everything – from cooking) to skincare and beauty. It’s so versatile and literally has the best flavor (I LOVE the nuttiness of it), as well as being super good for you!


8) Do you have a beauty secret?

My beauty secret would have to be that what you put in you is what’s reflected on the outside.  When I eat like crap, I look like crap.  My skin breaks out, I get dark puffy circles under my eyes, and everything just looks dull and lifeless.  But when I eat super healthy, drink LOTS and lots of water, and get a good night’s sleep (7-8 hours is a must), I really do look (and feel) a world’s difference.  Having confidence within yourself is ultimately what true beauty is all about, but if you don’t feel good you’ll never be able to project that confidence to the world, so treating your body good from within is where it all starts!


9) Do you have a mantra or motto that you live by?

I have three: take things one day at a time, do the right thing, and always aim to be your best self. 


10) What’s your favorite Made With Love juice/mylk?

My absolute favorite juice is the Vibrance.  I get it every Sunday morning without fail from the Mar Vista farmers market, and it always starts my day off right. As for the mylks I’m a classic Pure Vanilla Almond Mylk kind of girl.  It works perfectly in my morning cappuccino and I love when I find it in my local coffee shops!


11) Why is cleansing an important part of our well-being?

I think it’s always important with anything in life to pause, take a step back, look at your patterns of behavior and reevaluate/reassess the way you’re doing things. Cleansing allows us to take that time and really be able to see things with a clearer mind and fresher perspective.  Once you’re able to fully recognize and understand where you’re at and what you’re doing right/wrong, you can better inform yourself how to move forward and make positive changes for the future. It’s all about looking ahead!


 Have a question of your own? 

Laurel can be reached at:  lrswellness@gmail.com 

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  • Suzzanne : January 15, 2018

    I know we don’t know each other at all, but I do enjoy it when your mom or dad post stuff about you. My daughter, Samantha just turned her entire life around with going vegan, organic and all things healthy and my son Brad (who you met) has also turned all healthy and really into fitness. And I’m so proud of both of them, as I expect Scott and Debbie are as proud of you. (Looks like the dread stress gut issues runs in our families.) Anyways. Your mom had posted this on FB and I just wanted to let you know I thought it was pretty cool and so glad to see you doing well.
    Suzzanne ❤️

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