Local Love: Alana's Coffee Roasters

Alana's is a Mar Vista Micro Coffee Roaster and Cafe sourcing seasonal and sustainable coffee beans. 

Check out founders Eric Stogsdill and Erin Ward's answers to a few questions about why they are so passionate about coffee, and what makes the experience at Alana's so special. 


1)   Where were you born and how long have you been in LA?

Both Eric and Erin are Los Angeles Natives.  

2)   What inspired you to start Alana's ?

Eric has been working in coffee and selling his small batch coffee beans at Farmers Markets.  He also developed many of the special drinks we have at Alana's.  Eric and Erin began talking about getting a retail outlet and the idea of an Alana's Coffee Shop was born. 

3)   Black coffee or latte?

Both!  All of our coffees are delicious black as it allows you to get the tasting notes of a particular coffee.  Countries have coffee beans with unique flavor profiles. In broad strokes, Central and South American coffees have nut, carmel and chocolate tasting notes.  African coffees have wine, fig, blueberry notes. By drinking the coffee black, you can hone in on these tastes.  

Our espresso is a blend of Colombian and two Ethiopian coffees is medium roasted and is lovely with Made With Love Almond Mylk.

4)   Does Alana's have a feature drink or specialty? 

Our Pirates Chai a matcha based Chai is delicious as is our Chipotle Mocha.

5)   You can’t have your coffee without ________?

A muffin or pastry from our pastry case.

6)   How has your company become a representation of your values?

We are absolutely passionate about coffee and want to share that with our customers.   




7)   Where does your coffee come from?

All over the world.  We follow the coffee harvest.  Ethiopia, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Burundi are some of the countries we get our coffee from. In the case of El Salvador, we work directly with the farmer. 

8)   How do you choose what other products/companies you want to work with?

We like to keep it local.  Our relationship with Made With Love is an example of this.  

9)   What makes Alana's different from all the rest?

We roast our beans in house in small batches to bring our customers the freshest coffee.

10)  What are words you live by or favorite quote?

Our favorite quote relates to how we suggest you try our coffee.  

First sip shocks the palate

Second sip acquaints the palate 

Third sip you are in love


Alana's Coffee Roasters is located at 12511 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90066. 

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