Local Love: Coffee Dose

Coffee Dose is a female owned Costa Mesa coffee lovers' haven that specializes in Therapeutic Lattes, Cold Brew Coffee and Vegan treats made with only the purest, natural ingredients. 

Owner Jeni Castro was kind enough to share her story with us as well as a bit of insight into her passion and drive. If you are in the Costa Mesa area - be sure to pay Coffee Dose a visit. We are obsessed! 


1)   Where were you born and how long have you been in LA?

I was born in the inland empire but moved straight to the OC after highschool (I only lived in LA for a year)

2)   What inspired you to start Coffee Dose?

Were coffee obsessed. 3 times a day kind of people.  But all these 3rd wave coffee shops can be way too serious. So the opportunity arose and my first thought was ...we gotta make this coffee shop FUN! But the other important aspect of coffee dose is that the majority of our drinks offer a therapeutic aspect. Wether you fancy MCT oil for an energy boost or Vital Protein Collagen to make you beautiful from the inside out, I knew we had to be special.

3)   Black coffee or latte?

Latte all the way. Oscar my hubby is the one behind The Burner, that’s his daily drink. But I’m a lavender blah blah gimmie all the fluff kinda girl.

4)   Does Coffee Dose have a feature drink or specialty?

The Beauty and The Mary Matcha are the most popular drinks.

5)   You can’t have your coffee without ________?

My Anti Bitch Cup!


6)   How has your company become a representation of your values?

We own other businesses and what was super important with this coffee shop is that we came together collectively and created brand. It’s a little of both of us. I’m one of those weird people that adores my significant other and wants to spend every minute with them. We’re a true “mom and pop” shop.

7)   Where does your coffee come from?

Common Room Roasters. We love them. Their level of service and quality of beans are truly the best.

8)  How do you choose what other products/companies you want to work with?

Natural, organic, vegan, gluten free and non GMO are words we love. We also love female owned companies. All of our baked goods are females and of course we LOVE our new milk partners Made With Love!

9)   What makes Coffee Dose different from all the rest?

Our branding ad overall vibe. Oh! And we’re in a co op space. Coffee and Hair, which is a pretty rad combo.

10)  What are words you live by or favorite quote?

Thoughts become things

11) Tell us about your upcoming Throw Down happening in September!

All Female... all the way down to the coffee farmers...need I say more!?


Coffee Dose is located at: 
116 E 18th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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