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Where were you born and how long have you been in LA?
I was born in South Korea. I have done a lot of traveling. I lived in Knocksville, TN then moved to Georgia then back to South Korea by 7 years old. Then I moved to Rodhe Island and New York and finally Los Angeles in 2010. 


 What inspired you to start Eightfold Coffee?

I was teaching graphic design and my husband was in grad school at USC. Then had a baby and I was freelancing and didn't want to commit to a 9-5 job. My husband and I are both coffee drinkers and lovers. I wanted to open a coffee shop and introduce matcha, that had a good community feel, lots of books and plants. This is what drove us to open Eightfold Coffee. 

 Black coffee or latte?

Black Coffee. I like it simple. 
 Does (coffee shop) have a feature drink or specialty?

Matcha latte. Also our regular drip coffee. We rotate nice single organs. In the summer time we do a cold brew. 
 You can’t have your coffee without ________?

I just like my coffee black. 
 How has your company become a representation of your values?

The name Eightfold comes from the eight noble teachings in Buddhism. Life is about journey. I wanted to open a space for the community. Eightfold coffee is also simple, classic and consistent- how we like to live our lives.  
 Where does your coffee come from?

We exclusively get our coffee from Heart Roaster Portland. It's very high quality. 
 How do you choose what other products/companies you want to work with?

Quality. It's number one. Something I would like to drink everyday. The matcha we use is ippodo matcha and has been around for 300 years. It's very high end, quality controlled and traditional matcha. 
 What make Eightfold Coffee different from all the rest?

I think Eightfold brings a sense of community to the locals. We collaboarted with artists called collab community for a cool echo park coffee mugs. We care about high quality products. 
 What are words you live by or favorite quote?

"Take your pleasure Seriously" 

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