Spring Cleaning: Helpful Tips from a Professional!

We had the pleasure of chatting with the owner of No Wire Hangers, Julie Naylon. No Wire Hangers is a Los Angeles-based professional organizing business that transforms your surroundings from a whirlwind of clutter, junk mail and chaos to a sanctuary where the mind, body and spirit may flourish in sparkling clarity. Decision-making is no longer an anxiety-provoking chore, but rather a joyful act of making a room for what is both inspiring and useful. Julie thrives on formulating practical, intuitive systems that you will be able to employ long after she's gone.

Finally, less is truly more.

Julie gives us all of her helpful and useful Spring Cleaning tips. See her tips below. Happy Cleaning!  



1. What room do you always start with when it comes to organizing?

You could start with a room or start with a category. An example of a category would be just going through your books, or just sorting all of the paperwork in your house. I don’t think there is a hard rule when it comes to starting, just start!


2. When it comes to Spring Cleaning what are some items we always must part with?

Anything that is broken and beyond repair. 


3. What are some simple tips to declutter daily so the mess does not pile up in the long run?

Everything should have a home and everything should be returned to it’s place. I always make sure to put everything away before I go to bed, That way I can start my day fresh and not wake up to a mess. 


4. What should your attitude be when it comes to cleaning out your closet?

Do you love it? Will you always choose to wear something over this piece. Do you own similar items? Take everything out of your closet and group like items together, then do the purge. It’s much easier to part with items when you see everything that you have. 


5. When is it time to part ways with a clothing piece?

When it’s worn out or you don’t love it anymore. Clothing can hold a lot of memories for some people. But letting go of the old makes way for the new. 


6. How do you keep kitchen drawers organized?

You can buy drawer organizers or put down a mat to keep items from sliding. The important thing is to group like items and keep them close to where you need it. If you have a dishwasher make sure you keep your glasses and everyday plates stored close to it for easy unloading. 


7. What about bathroom drawers and under the sink?

If you’re limited on space, don’t store all of your back stock products in the bathroom. Keep it light and only have the products you need on hand. 


8. If someone keeps track of their old bills and receipts, how should they store them?

Digitize it! And then make sure you back it up. Anything tax related I use a app called Shoeboxed.com 


9. Entryways are always a spot to dump everything off from the day. How can we contain entryway clutter?

Create a mudroom with a bench and some hooks. Or make sure your front hall closet is able to hold everything and get a good shoe organizer. 


10. How do you keep small electronics and cords separated and organized?

I use hair ties to keep them from getting tabled up. And a label maker to label all of the cords so you’ll know what goes with what. 


11. What is the best way to organize pet feed, toys, treats, litter, collars/leashes?

Hang the leashes close to the door that you go out of. Buy a bin to store the food in and keep it close to the food bowls. The key is keep it simple and make it easy! 


12. What are the best places to donate old clothes or unused household items?

If you can find a shelter in your area that's the best place to donate to because the items go directly to the people who need it. My rule with donations is once you’ve decided to let an item go it must leave the house within 24 hours



Contact Julie and set up a consultation today! 


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