Cryotherapy - Five Sessions

Cryotherapy - Five Sessions Pack | Made With Love Wellness Co.




Whole Body Cryotherapy is a cold sauna in which the chamber is filled with liquid nitrogen reaching frigid temperatures nearing -250 degrees fahrenheit. A favorite among celebrities and athletes, the benefits of cryotherapy are incredible and provide anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, and can also help ease chronic joint disorders, chronic pain, and decrease injury recovery time by 50 percent. It's easy to see why whole body cryotherapy has become such a hot trend in the past few years.


Once in the Cryo-chamber, your body's skin receptors send a message to your brain that you’re freezing. The body reacts by rushing all the blood in to protect your vital organs. In doing so, the blood is detoxified and oxygenated. The body then sends a map of your central nervous system to the brain. Once you step out of the machine and begin acclimating to the normal temperatures, the blood rushes back out and the body focuses on healing the problematic areas.


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